Words Showing Agreement

There are several phrases and words that you can use to show agreement in your writing. Whether you`re writing an academic paper, a business report, or a blog post, using these words can help you emphasize your point and show that you are aligned with the ideas you`re presenting.

Here are some of the most common words and phrases you can use to show agreement:

1. Indeed

This word can be used to emphasize agreement. It can be used to affirm a point that`s already been made or to agree with something that someone else has said, and it can also be used to indicate that you`re impressed by a particular idea or argument.

Example: “Indeed, the study`s findings show that there is a strong correlation between exercise and improved mental health.”

2. Absolutely

This word is a powerful way to emphasize agreement. It shows that you are firmly in agreement with the argument being made, and you believe that it is incontrovertible.

Example: “I absolutely agree that we need to invest in renewable energy if we want to combat climate change.”

3. Of course

This phrase is often used to indicate that something is obvious or self-evident. It can also be used to indicate agreement with a point that someone else has made.

Example: “Of course, we need to prioritize the safety of our employees above all else.”

4. Certainly

This word is similar to “absolutely” in that it indicates strong agreement. However, it can also be used to show that you are willing to go along with a particular suggestion or recommendation.

Example: “I certainly think that hiring more staff would help us improve our customer service.”

5. That`s right

This phrase is a more casual way to show agreement. It can be used to affirm a point that someone else has made, or to indicate that you agree with a particular statement.

Example: “That`s right, we need to focus on developing our online presence if we want to stay competitive in today`s market.”

Using these words and phrases can help you show agreement and strengthen your arguments. However, it`s important to use them judiciously and not overdo it, or they may lose their impact. As a professional, I recommend using these words sparingly and only when they truly add value to your writing.